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Cross Country Running - Conditions of Use

This Cross Country Running Track is a dedicated running circuit designed for competition, training and recreation. To assist all users, please follow the Conditions of Use and adhere to any other instructions from Stromlo Forest Park Management.

  • Always run in a clockwise direction, unless otherwise directed.
  • Organisers of a planned event may change this procedure at their discretion and must advise all users prior to their participation.
  • To minimise wear on the grass, run on the outside of the circuit (especially on corners) when possible.
  • Vehicles are NOT permitted on the circuit (Maintenance vehicles excepted).
  • Bikes or wheeled equipment are NOT permitted on the circuit.
  • Dogs are NOT permitted on the circuit.
  • Circuit use may be restricted for safety reasons at various times for special events.
  • Spectators must stay off the circuit at all times and only cross with extreme care.
  • Ball sports, including golf, are NOT permitted on the circuit.
  • Be conscious and considerate to faster runners.
  • Slower runners and walkers should not run or walk in large groups and should be careful not to obstruct faster runners.
  • People using this facility do so at their own risk.
  • The circuit will be closed at times for maintenance purposes.

Wet Conditions

  • To avoid damage to the grass, the circuit is NOT open when it is wet.
  • Venue management may close the circuit due to poor weather conditions.

Circuit Distances 

  • Short circuit - 1,000 metres
  • Hill loop - 500 metres
  • Creek loop - 1,000 metres
  • Full circuit -    2,500 metres