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Caroline Buchanan


I originally started racing BMX at the age of 5, it all started when I followed my older brother into the sport after we had driven past the local BMX track one day. I was also doing Taekwondo at that stage up until the age of 8 when I went to the BMX World Championships and I had to focus on fewer sports and gave up Taekwondo.

I have always liked being active and playing some kind of sport. Over the years I have done Netball, Oz-tag, Swimming, Soccer and Golf. At the age of 15 all I wanted to do was ride a bike I rode at the skate parks lots, went dirt jumping as well as racing BMX.

How I got into mountain biking is a funny story, it was purely by accident almost. A mate of mine made a deal that if he came to a BMX race then I would have to go to a 4x race. At my first 4x race I was winning and Katrina Miller and I took each other out however I had so much fun and loved the atmosphere that was at mountain bike races, that I decided I was going to take up 4x.

It was only a year later when I was 16 that I decided to give Downhill a go, this was definitely not as easy as crossing over BMX to 4x. I had lots more skills to learn and many trees to dodge. To this day I enjoy doing all 3 disciplines BMX, 4x and Downhill and just love riding my bikes. I look back at where I have come from over the years and where my riding can take me and look forward to the future and what it holds.

To see what Caroline is up to visit  www.carolinebuchanan.com